A Small Update – Translator Wanted!



Real life beckons and sooner or later it becomes nigh impossible to deny its call. At that time, one can either shift gears and abandon the task at hand or push forward with whatever tools are in the vicinity to push forward to the finish lines. I have chosen to continue on this path, for better or for worse, and stay true to the project I have undertaken. Unfortunately, translation has hit a snag, and though it pains me to say this even a troupe of snails can overcome us at this pace.

For this reason I am opening the doors once more! I ask of you, reader, do you possess the necessary skills as a translator? Do you enjoy slice-of-life stories with some drama thrown into the mix? And most importantly, are you able to see things through to the end and communicate effectively with the team in order to ensure a completed project that is of the utmost  quality?

If so, then there’s a position available for you!

Join now and help us bring this project up from its knees. As a prospective translator you will be in charge of the common route and if you so wish a character route of your choice (Yuni, Misasa, or Sera). There is no set quota that we expect or demand of you, only a mutual understanding that you will do your best and adhere to your own standards when it comes to work ethic. We understand that real life throws a curveball at us when we least expect it, all we ask is that you let one of our staff members know if there is problem so that we can better prepare for the future and work with your schedule.

If you or someone you know is available and willing to help please do not hesitate to go to the contact page in order to attain a position as a translator in our group. I will respond as soon as I can to your inquiry so that we can settle you in to your rightful abode.

In other news, as of today progress is as follows:

TL: 2595/26959  EDIT: 2595/ 26959  FINAL: 2208/26959

You can track the project by clicking on the progress tab. I’ll do my best to keep the numbers updated, they will most likely get updated every two weeks or so, depending on the how progress has been doing that month.

That concludes the update for this month. Thank you for reading and look forward to more news in the future!



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