A New Comrade Joins the Fray!


Hey guys,

It’s your one-and-only abomination from the underworld, EldritchCherub, with another report for this month.

We’ve managed to acquire a willing translator to help us speed things along with the common route. Please welcome, Ja_Chemie, to the party. Woot! Woot!

As always, line progress is updated in the progress tab above the post. As you can see the common route is currently 58% translated, bumping our overall progress to 11%. We’ll be moving steadily forward until we complete the common route and release a partial patch for it as mentioned in the previous month’s post. Henceforth, recruitment is closed. Barring any complications in the future we will continue with the current staff and notify the general public in case we require more hands on deck.

This month’s breakdown is as follows:

TL: 2968/26959                     EDIT:  2827/26959                Final: 2353/26959



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