Where Things Stand

Hi everybody,

Been busy after getting a job a while back so I didn’t really have time to sift through the google docs and write up a post for this project. Apologies to all those who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for news and to those who thought we were dead.

As you may have noticed by clicking on the staff page many members have, for lack of a better phrase, flown the coop. This leaves us with only one active translator at the moment so unfortunately things have slowed down to a crawl… again. With no TLC we are unable to release the common route, so until that’s sorted out there will be no partial patch whatsoever. Releasing the common route in its current state is a no-no since our original goal was  to adhere to the proper checking procedures in order to release a patch of suitable quality.

Why not open up the floor for recruitment you might ask? Of course, that’s always an option but I’m not a fan of cycling through members like we’re some Chinese sweatshop. Without a strong foundation to hold up this project I see no reason to continue postponing the inevitable if the opportunity presents itself. I hold no ill toward any of our fallen comrades considering the time and effort they put into this project. Such is the nature of fan translations, with only a select few pushing through the narrow crevasse to reach the finish line.

In any case, I’ll continue working on this project until our newest translator, Ja_chemie, decides it is time put the lid on this entire thing. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll make a valiant return after having learned Japanese and deliver a patch for this project… lol, one can hope, but reality is a fickle beast.

Here’s the update for this month. I’ll be more prudent about posting every month even if there’s been no progress, if only to dissuade the soothsayers with their ‘R U ded?’ questions:

TL: 7604/26959                     EDIT:  5134/26959                Final: 2568/26959

Overall translation progress for Lovely x Cation is at 28%.




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