New Website!

Hi everybody,

This is not a progress update for the project. This is just a heads-up for those who haven’t visited our project page on Fuwanovel. Our very talented project leader, Oystein, has recently created a new website for Elevator TL. You will find the same information there than on the current wordpress site you are currently reading this on, but it has a vastly improved layout, is more aesthetically pleasing than the free one I set up, and has a pretty nifty timer for when project updates are released in the projects tab. There is also a poll currently running where you can vote for Lovely x Cation’s best heroine!

Anyways, without further ado here is the link for the new site. I will still continue posting updates on this site in the off chance that the new website goes or we are unable to procure funds to continue paying it. It is free, after all, so the benefits are still numerous and it is wise to have a backup in case. Next update is scheduled five days from now, so stay tuned.


Until next time,


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