The End of the Road (At Least for Me)


After much consideration, I have decided to part ways with Elevator Translations, and consequently, the Lovely x Cation fan translation. I have laboriously spent many years working as an editor on this project and while I once believed that one day the group I was a part of would release a full English patch, I no longer cling to that fleeting dream. Naturally, a project of this caliber comes with its own set of headaches and obstacles, and I faced them head-on whenever they presented themselves. I dare say I managed to prolong this project’s existence well beyond its golden years, so I take some comfort in that. The project has been mired with a plethora of problems for some time now and the departure of the latest translator I recruited was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I have learned much from this project, so my time spent here was not for naught. Now, I move on to greener and greater pastures.

I hold no enmity toward any of the members I have worked with thus far, and wish them well in whatever endeavors they pursue in the future. I cannot personally declare this dead, since I did not start this project, but I will not be contributing to it from this day forward. Most of the team members are either missing or inactive, so I’d suggest all those that may be inclined to ask for a potential partial patch to think twice before doing so. Well, hopefully I didn’t forget to include anything, but that’s the gist of it. That’s all she wrote. Adieu. C’est la vie




3 thoughts on “The End of the Road (At Least for Me)

  1. That is sad to hear, but good luck in your future endeavors.
    Though if this project is now practically dead, it would be a good thing to release all progress made so far if a future group wants to pick it up and nobody of the old team still has any files.


  2. I’ve been following this project since 2015, patiently waiting for the cake routes. RIP, thank you for trying to keep this project alive.


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