Lovely x Cation Progress

                                                                   Translated                         Edited                          Total Progress

Common                       2348/2348                     2348 /2348                      100%

Aya                                802/4402                         802/4402                       17%

Yuuki                              761/4703                         761/4703                       16%

Yuni                                 2116/5002                             700/5002                          42%

Sera                                 1800/4563                             1300/4563                           39%

Misasa                              2970/4465                     1100/4465                        66%

April 16th/Bad End                23/23                                23/23                       100%

After school                        0/486                               0/486                           0%

Afterstory                            0/967                               0/967                           0%

     Total                                 10,820/26959                       5734/26959                   40.5%

49 thoughts on “Lovely x Cation Progress

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    • While the gesture is appreciated, we cannot accept any donations due to the nature of this project. Money would complicate matters. It’d set a precedent that might disrupt the integrity of the group, and in the worst case scenario leave us vulnerable to legal prosecution. The best way you can support us is by commenting, following the blog, and otherwise creating awareness about the project. Thank you for your comment and I hope you’re looking forward to reading this visual novel as much as we are!

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  5. First of all Guys, I have to say that the work all of you are doing is awesome! I just bumped into this theme and then found your site and now I’m so happy that you gonna translate this. Just can’t wait for the patch. Keep it up guys.


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  7. Alright, first off I would like to offer you my heartfelt thanks and verbal support for translating this game. As you are not accepting monetary donations, (for good reasons, I understand) I would like to cheer you on in this endeavor instead. So, please keep up the excellent work! 😀 I’m sure many people, as well as myself appreciate everything you’ve been doing up to this point, and will do in the future. This seems like quite a nice game (good enough for a hentai OVA series to be created!) with the gameplay features and so on. I do enjoy a good visual novel that has a little more than just a story to read, after all. (Visual novel series like Rance, Kingdom, Kamidori Alchemy Meister, Alicesoft products and Eushully products in general, and so much more) I’m not sure what the storyline of Lovely x Cation is like, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it regardless.

    Now, I don’t mean to sound greedy or anything, but there is a thing or two I’m curious about. When you finish and release the English patch for Lovely x Cation (again, I’m not trying to rush you guys – take as long as you need, 2018 – 2020 or however long it takes) will your group then work on translating Lovely x Cation 2, then move on to Pretty x Cation & Pretty x Cation 2, or will you move on to a different visual novel/series altogether? Also, if you do move on to a different visual novel/series, with it be a visual novel with gameplay elements. or a classic choose your fate through dialogue options type game? Either is fine, I just want to get a feel for what your translation group is planning on doing.

    Again, thanks for everything you’ve done so far and will do in the future. This is a really great project you’re working on, and I look forward to the fruits of your labor. I’m sure the finished product will be of great quality. 🙂


    • First of all, thanks for your support as we continue working on this project. It certainly means a lot to hear from a warm and receptive audience!

      As for the story, the best I can do without spoiling it too much is that the protagonist abruptly ends his life as a shut-in after his uncle gives him an ultimatum. The protagonist must now learn what it means to be vulnerable and candidly interact with the people around him, which eventually leads him to each of the five heroines. Drama and fun times ensue as the protagonist spends time with the each of the heroines in their respective routes in order to expand his “world” and learn what it truly means to communicate effectively on his path to adulthood.

      As for your last point, I don’t mean to be ambiguous or anything but at the moment we don’t plan on working on other projects. Only time will tell whether or not we will even complete this project, so I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch if you get my drift. That means the nature of a supposed next project, or even the continuation of this series is still up in the air. I will say that one can never have enough VNs with gameplay elements and if circumstances allowed it the most likely scenario would be that we would move onto the sequel. Alas, we are still far from the finish line so we will tread lightly, moving one step at a time toward a satisfying conclusion.


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  18. I hope you’d never cease working. We’d be waiting, no matter how long as long as you don’t keep us hanging. We ;ove you!

    Greetings from Philippines! 🙂


  19. I’ve been monitoring this wordpress for like everyday and currently I can see that it’s on a steady development. Omyg I feel hype for the vn, I hope you guys reach until the very end and never give up! I’m supporting you guys 101% hehehe lovelots mwah mwah


  20. It says 31.6% is done on this page but 33% on the twitter feed, is this page not getting updated as you go along or are you waiting for significant progress before updating it again?


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